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Where we Know From:

Our families, loved ones, friends, and mentors.

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Say My Name, Say My Name... or  At Least Try, Damn.

Season 1, Episode 1

Hey, friends! In our first episode we're talking about Name It!  That's right, this is our self-titled episode *insert Bey meme.*


As our case study we reflect on how Name It! came to be and the political function of naming. We're breaking the fourth-wall and talking about the process of bringing the show into reality (and let us just say it was a process), naming as a survival tool, and all the spaces, places, and people who've passed their survival tools onto us. 

As our case study, we answer the question: where do you know from? Iman talks about what her name means in Arabic, growing up Black and Muslim in Northeast Ohio, and shares a story about her name change at nine years old. Kohar discusses the genealogy of her family name, what it means in Armenian, and how she discovered art was her intellectual medium.

As always, we close out with our half-baked thoughts. The segment where we share ideas we haven't fleshed out, but stand fully behind. You'll just have to listen to the episode to hear those. 

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