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Where we Know From:

Toni Morrison, Sula, Knopf, 1973. 

Constance Rae Custer Schomburg, " Safe harbor and Ship": The Evolution of Self in the Novels of Toni Morrison, Dissertation, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1990.

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Im a Good Friend Because I'm a Good Sister

Season 1, Episode 5

Hey, friends! In this episode we're talking about Toni Morrison's term, safe harbors. An idea that names the sense of safety fostered through intimate relationships. Who feels like a safe harbor for you?

Before we give you the tl;dr (too long; didn't read) of Morrison's Sula, we invited our million siblings to share what sisterhood means to them. Just kidding, we don't have a million siblings... just a thousand. Iman and Kohar talk about how being a sister has taught them to lead with love in all their relationships. And we're joined in the studio by Amara, Iman's youngest sister, who gives us a Gen Z take on being a ship in search of safe harbors.


We discuss that families aren't guaranteed safe harbors, needing more than one, and moments when your dock is full. 

As always, we close out with our half-baked thoughts. The segment where we share ideas we haven't fleshed out, but stand fully behind. You'll just have to listen to the episode to hear those. 

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